Date: 14th October


Chukka Boots

Although it is not 100% known, the name Chukka, is said to be derived from the seven and a half minute period of play in a Polo match – a Chukka or Chukker – historically meaning ‘circle’ or ‘turn’. Originating in India and popular amongst the British Army unit’s off-duty Polo players, the boots made their way to America around 1924 on the feet of the Duke of Windsor, who’d previously visited India and partaken in games of Polo.

The Duke wore the shoes regularly when back in the States, encouraging the style to eventually become a staple item in a man’s wardrobe.

A classic Chukka Boot comes to just above the ankle, is plain toed and is fastened with two laces and two or three sets of eyelets. Usually made from just a single piece of calfskin suede leather with thin leather soles.

Introducing Chilver Hi...

It's also believed that the Chukka Boot is what began to spark Nathan Clark’s original inspiration for the Desert Boot, too. Which has a similar shape and construction, but has that unmistakable crepe sole to set it apart. Still as popular and highly regarded now, as it was then.

 The styles have kept up with the times too; now available in many different colours and materials, from high street to very top-end retailers. Two timeless boot profiles that show no sign of diminishing, worn perfectly as both casual and dress boots.


VIEW - Chilver Hi GTX

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