PostA week in the style of : Bel Jacobs

Bel Jacobs Freelance fashion and arts journalist Bel Jacobs shares the best of high end and high street on her blog As a previous London Style Editor, when it comes to fashion she’s seen it, worn it, loved it. Plus she’s a serious flats aficionado. So who better to wear us through her week in some of Clarks hottest summer looks…

BUY - Busby Folly

MONDAY. It’s a testament to the brand that, when Clarks called up and said, ‘Hey, spend a week in our flats’, I didn’t flinch. A childhood in flip flops left me with zilch heel arch and ankle problems. Heels are a no-no so Clarks, which offer a plethora of features to make wear more comfortable, are just the thing. First up was this natty take on tassel loafers. With their roots in Native American moccasins, loafers have made the transition to bona fide office footwear – which is why wearing a pair of Clarks Busby Folly loafers with a suit seemed to make sense for a meeting-laden Monday. The white leather and tassels lift that straight cut in a way which sensible black shoes could never do. And I love how the look starts to go a bit nautical, as if I’d look at home on a yacht – all down to those shoes. Photo: Phillip Waterman,