The beauty of form under the influence of freedom. Such words find a new resonance with the GRACE collection for SS17. Ballet inspired heels and flats for women by Clarks that’s a symbiosis of 190 years of shoemaking excellence and timeless elegance, designed for contemporary living. 


"The free spirit of femininity shines through"


Leading the way for the GRACE collection in SS17 is Grace Eva. A breathtakingly beautiful piece of footwear craftsmanship that uniquely embodies Clarks’ shoemaking expertise in it’s highest form.

A higher heel than you would usually expect to see from Clarks, this style totals up at 8.5cm high, equalling pure, elegant luxury for the wearer in the way that it both looks and feels, allowing the free spirit of femininity to shine through.


  "The ballet dancer: the leitmotif and inspiration for the Grace Eva heel"


The ballet dancer is Grace under fire. So too is the modern woman. A shoe that offers stylish support is just one less thing to worry about. So the Grace Eva heel proposes a previously unexplored proposition: a shoe of elegant design, luxurious materiality and suburb construction, all invested in enhancing the wearer’s well-being and personal style.

A shoe that will take you from day to night and become an essential wardrobe staple: a shoe for all occasions and for all women.



A unique crystal last was created in symbolism of the soft, beautiful elegance of the shoe that go hand in hand with the simple, yet stunning, ballet inspired look and inner feeling.


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"The first step to perfection is the last..."


Although this may sound like a bit of a riddle, when talking about the craft of a Clarks shoemaker, this statement couldn’t be truer. Every single shoe that Clarks design starts with a hand-crafted wooden last that defines the shape of the shoe.

 The last is a hugely under-played element of shoe making – the importance it has to every single shoe ever made, the time it takes to create them and ultimately, it's what sets good shoes apart from great ones.

 A last maker’s craft is second to none. It takes up to 10,000 hours to become an expert last maker at the Clarks level – their skill is unrivalled.

 Each last generates 1,000,000 data points, helping us to make the most perfectly formed shoes in the world.


"Tomorrow's shoes today..."

 Unique craft and skill with innovative technology and data knowledge is what comes together to make Clarks truly standalone from any other footwear brand in the world. Clarks will always be about the shoes – our shoes define us, and set us apart. They are what we do best and always will be. Our passion pushes us revolutionise footwear, we invest endlessly to ensure our products are the best – from the technology that goes in to them, how they are made and the materials that they’re made with.

 2017 marks a year that promises to bring you great shoes, this is what Clarks are all about. We take the spirit of what is Clarks and make this a reality for all ages. A spirit of joy, free-mindedness and liberty runs through everything that we create, in hope that our shoes will also impart this feeling on to each and every one of their wearers.


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PostEngineered to travel. Designed to last.

Introducing the new bag and luggage range from Clarks – designed to improve functionality, as well as style, when travelling. Ideal for plane journeys, weekends away and even the daily commute.  

All bags in the collection, whether it’s a backpack, satchel, shopper or duffle, are made from premium quality leathers and canvas. Engineered to travel, designed to last. Ensured to withstand as much as what you have to. Available here now.


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