PostThe Women’s Graphic Pack

Imagine putting the fob of a Wallabee down on to a piece of paper and tracing around the outside. Then imagine the shape that you’re left with on the page when you lift the fob up. A collection of straight, curved and perforated lines. And this is exactly what inspired the Clarks Originals In house design team to create the pattern for the Women’s AW16 Graphic Pack...


Applied to our three iconic silhouettes on black suede, we’re greeted with a unique and striking, but subtle application of design, instantly recognisable as a Clarks Original.



PostClarks Originals AW16 Introduce: The Men’s Graphic Pack

First in a line of product packages being released throughout Autumn, we present to you, The Men's Graphic Pack.

Inspired by paint splatters found on art college floors, in a mixture of grey, blue and red, this design delivers a style with striking, original detail. Mens shoes available in the three icons: the Desert Boot, Trigenic Flex and the Wallabee.

Known for their originality as a brand, Clarks Originals continue to take design inspiration from the most abstract places, ensuring to maintain their, nearing 191 years, of convention defying footwear. 


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PostWelcome to the Future

The Athleisure movement is showing no proof of slowing down this season. So we’re ready to enter Autumn with a truly innovative product range that ticks all the boxes...


Think, the most impressive combination of form and function, shoes that deliver so much more than just a layer between you and the ground.

Shoes that don’t just look incredible, but shoes that actually enhance you - improving the way your feet move when you walk, as well as increasing gait stability naturally.

This is down to the unique Clarks Originals Trigenic sole. A footwear design and technology found nowhere else on the planet but here. Remember these from last Summer? Well our new styles have borrowed the Trigenic Flex sole DNA – constructed in to three flexible pieces instead of one solid one. The grooves in the sole are placed exactly where the feet naturally bend the most, flexing to the same degree as the foot, providing the ideal level of support where they need it.

Two styles storm in to the lead for us this season. At the height of the Clarks Sports-inspired range, you’ll find Triken Active for Men and Tri Abby for Women.

Triken Active

The most up to date, technical fabrics give the style a real athleisture feel. Mixed leather and mesh material uppers make the product lightweight, breathable and, conveniently, an effortless match for any sort of outfit.

EVA soles are light but durable. And offer cushioning for comfort and support, when and where it’s most needed.





Tri Abby

Offers a modern take on the classic court shoe. So even with its athletic style it still ensures femininity. Leathers are smooth, premium, but above all lightweight and flexible. Snake skin texture on the toe and laser etched detailing on the sides offers a beautifully subtle lift of detail to the style.



In true Clarks manner, these new styles has been made with the most impeccable attention to detail, expert craftsmanship and pioneering innovation. Welcome to the future...



Check back to next week for the official concept launch and further product information. 


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