Building on the successful inception of the Trigenic Flex in 2015, Clarks Originals come back with a fresh update to the Trigenic profile. The original low-rise sneaker is transformed in to a mid-height, hybrid boot for Autumn.

Staying true to the unique Trigenic Flex technology, this product also has the iconic three-piece sole underfoot. Designed to the anatomy of the foot, the sole bends naturally where the foot bends, allowing it to move as if it were bare.

The Trigenic Flow adopts the original Trigenic’s Moccasin upper, as well as the decoupled Vibram sole unit. Its veg tan leather in-sole naturally molds to the shape of the foot throughout time and wear, for a real personalised fit and feeling.


PostBalmer: Bringing Back The 90s

Trends from previous decades are making a comeback, but there is one that seems to be standing out above the rest.

This season, our designers have mixed traditional silhouettes with a mid-height, chunky block heel and a razor tooth sole to provide a collection of smart casual looks with that on-trend 90s attitude. 

Inspired by our iconic Wallabee, Balmer Willow uses premium, soft suede in black, navy and aubergine and features classic stitching techniques for an authentic, crafted feel. 

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PostWhatever the weather winners – ideal styles come rain or shine


August. A month to look forward to. A month that usually sticks in your mind as one that’s gloriously warm, bringing with it everything wonderful that we associate with the British Summer.

But also a month that can be somewhat unpredictable when it comes to weather. Glorious wall to wall sunshine one day. Wet, windy and positively miserable the next.

Then, of course, some days when you get intermittent bursts of both. We've all experienced leaving the house in open-toe sandals, to only two hours later be greeted by the wildest rain storm this side of the Caribbean.

Plans helplessly teeter on whether or not the sun will shine. And, undeniably, the weather will always have the final say on your choice of outfit.

Choosing the right clothes and shoes when the weather’s like this is really hard - even if it’s pouring with rain it’s still warm, usually too warm for heavy coats and winter boots. In the last few years we’ve seen warm yet unpredictable weather stretch all the way in to October, which, undeniably, makes for three tough months of rather precarious dressing. You can’t predict if you’re going to get it right every day, 9 times out of 10 you don’t, but you can proof yourself for every eventuality of weather. 

Here to help with that, is our Blog's pick of whatever the weather winners. Styles to see you through the changing seasons, come rain or shine...